Cities with Most Stable Barometric Pressure Today

The following cities are experiencing the smallest range in barometric pressure today among our tracked cities. This is determined by finding the narrowest range between the highest and lowest pressures during the 24-hour period starting and ending at midnight, UTC−08:00 (Pacific Standard Time) in each city.

#CityRangeHigh TimeLow TimeRate
1Helsinki, Finland0.06 inHg9 am yesterday3 am-0.003 inHg/hr
2Stockholm, Sweden0.06 inHg11 pm yesterday8 am yesterday0.004 inHg/hr
3Reykjavik, Iceland0.06 inHg7 am3 pm yesterday0.004 inHg/hr
4Oslo, Norway0.06 inHg10 am yesterday6 am-0.003 inHg/hr
5Yakutsk, Russia0.07 inHg2 pm yesterday8 am yesterday0.012 inHg/hr
6Saint Petersburg, Russia0.07 inHg9 am yesterday1 am-0.004 inHg/hr
7Copenhagen, Denmark0.1 inHg5 pm yesterday7 am-0.007 inHg/hr
8Anchorage, Alaska0.11 inHg8 am yesterday1 am-0.006 inHg/hr
9San Francisco, California0.13 inHg6 pm yesterday9 am yesterday0.014 inHg/hr
10Sacramento, California0.14 inHg6 pm yesterday6 am-0.012 inHg/hr
11Athens, Greece0.15 inHg7 am1 pm yesterday0.008 inHg/hr
12Vienna, Austria0.15 inHg10 pm yesterday8 am yesterday0.011 inHg/hr
13Jacksonville, Florida0.15 inHg3 pm yesterday9 pm yesterday-0.025 inHg/hr
14Auckland, New Zealand0.16 inHg7 am8 am yesterday0.007 inHg/hr
15Winnipeg, Canada0.17 inHg7 am11 am yesterday0.009 inHg/hr
16Fresno, California0.18 inHg6 pm yesterday11 pm yesterday-0.036 inHg/hr
17Islamabad, Pakistan0.18 inHg5 am11 pm yesterday0.030 inHg/hr
18Turin, Italy0.18 inHg12 am8 am yesterday0.011 inHg/hr
19Glasgow, United Kingdom0.19 inHg11 am yesterday7 am-0.009 inHg/hr
20Berlin, Germany0.19 inHg7 pm yesterday7 am-0.016 inHg/hr

Just because the cities listed here are experiencing the most stable pressure today does not mean they will always be the most stable throughout the year of even from day to day. For example, an arctic city like Anchorage, Alaska might have extremely stable pressure for a day when it is at the top of a pressure swing but generally has a very wide range in pressure over the course of days. Generally speaking, here are some predictors of stable pressure:

  • Latitude: Cities near the equator often have more stable barometric pressures than those near the poles.
  • Climate: Cities with less varied climates, often those without extreme seasons, may have narrower ranges of barometric pressure.
  • Proximity to Water Bodies: Coastal cities tend to have more stable pressures than inland ones.

To folks who experience migraines, joint pain, or other physical conditions that are sensitive to pressure changes, stable barometric pressure is often the most favorable pressure pattern.