Cities with the Lowest Barometric Pressure Today

The following list ranks our tracked cities by the lowest lows over the course of the 24-hour period starting and ending at midnight, UTC−08:00 (Pacific Standard Time). This is determined by finding the earliest incidence of the minimum sea level adjusted barometric pressure reading on the forecast for each city and then ranking each city accordingly. Extreme low pressure occurs in the middle of storms, such as in the eye of a hurricane or cyclone. Tornados have even lower pressure, but those are more challenging to measure and are therefore left out of record keeping. On the map, low pressure regions are depicted with an ‘L’ and are shaded in turquoise. Low pressure is often associated with stormy weather, cloudy skies, wind and precipitation.

Adjusted to sea level, barometric pressures below 29.8 inHg are considered to be low and pressures above 29.4 inHg are considered to be very low.

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