Cities with the Highest Barometric Pressure Today

The following list ranks our tracked cities by the highest highs over the course of the 24-hour period starting and ending at midnight, UTC−08:00 (Pacific Standard Time). This is determined by finding the earliest incidence of the peak sea level adjusted barometric pressure reading on the forecast for each city and then ranking each city accordingly. Generally speaking, the highest highs will occur in cities with more extreme pressure fluctuations, which are generally farther from the equator (high latitudes) and during their hemispheres’ fall or winter seasons. High barometric pressure is often observed during a phenomenon known as an anticyclone or high pressure system. On the map, high pressure regions are depicted with an ‘H’ and are shaded in red. High pressure systems are often associated with fair weather and clear skies.

Adjusted to sea level, barometric pressures over 30.2 inHg are considered to be high and pressures above 30.5 inHg are considered to be very high.

#CityPressureHigh Time
1Durban, South Africa30.56 inHg8 am tomorrow
2Johannesburg, South Africa30.54 inHg7 am tomorrow
3Buenos Aires, Argentina30.53 inHg2 pm
4Cape Town, South Africa30.51 inHg9 am
5Calgary, Canada30.42 inHg12 pm
6Billings, Montana30.41 inHg7 am tomorrow
7Rapid City, South Dakota30.4 inHg6 am tomorrow
8Anchorage, Alaska30.37 inHg4 pm
9Adelaide, Australia30.37 inHg7 am tomorrow
10Edmonton, Canada30.36 inHg12 pm
11Cheyenne, Wyoming30.36 inHg8 am tomorrow
12Perth, Australia30.33 inHg2 pm
13Colorado Springs, Colorado30.31 inHg7 am tomorrow
14Brisbane, Australia30.31 inHg11 pm
15Bismarck, North Dakota30.3 inHg8 am tomorrow
16Spokane, Washington30.29 inHg3 pm
17Denver, Colorado30.29 inHg7 am tomorrow
18Canberra, Australia30.28 inHg10 pm
19Melbourne, Australia30.27 inHg8 am tomorrow
20Sydney, Australia30.27 inHg11 pm
21Saskatoon, Canada30.25 inHg8 am tomorrow
22Regina, Canada30.25 inHg8 am tomorrow
23Vancouver, Canada30.22 inHg5 pm
24Sioux Falls, South Dakota30.2 inHg8 am tomorrow
25Bogota, Colombia30.2 inHg3 am tomorrow

Barometric Pressure Record Highs

The generally accepted figure for the highest barometric pressure ever recorded is 32.01 inHg in Agata, Russia (in Siberia) on December 31, 1968. Like the typical high pressure pattern mentioned above, this was in a location of high latitude during the wintertime. Similarly, the highest recorded pressure in North America was 31.4 inHg in Dawson City, Canada on February 2, 1989.